Committees AMSC 2017

Organizing board

- Marion Suenaert
President AMSC - 2nd year medical student

Marloes Tholhuijsen
Vice-president AMSC - 2nd year medical student          
Mobile phone number: +31636434970

- Femke Wille
Secretary AMSC - 2nd year medical student

Organising committee

- Anna de Cauwer
Treasurer AMSC - 2nd year medical student

- Anna Ceelen
Public Relations Officer AMSC - 2nd year medical student

- Anton Geukens
Public Relations Officer AMSC - 1st year medical student    

- Fien de Laet
Public Relations Officer AMSC - 3th year medical student  

- Ardavan Kashtiara
Logistics Officer AMSC - 2nd year medical student

- Khadija Ajaji
Logistics Officer - 3th year medical student  

Scientific committee

- Prof. Dr. G. Verpooten
Nephrologist (MD,PhD)
Departement of  Nephrology-Hypertension                                           
University of Antwerp (UA)

- Prof. Dr. Weyler
Prof. J. Weyler 
President of StatUA 
Epidemiologist (MD,PhD) 
Professor in epidemiology University of Antwerp

- Dr. A.Van De Velde
Senior Staff Member & Medical Director Stem Cell Collection Unit UZA
Guest Lecturer UA
Co-organiser Dissection Drawing Days BIOMAB

- Prof. Dr. N. Cools 
Laboratory of Experimental Hematology
Vaccine & Infectious Disease Institute
University of Antwerp (UA)
Antwerp University Hospital (UZA)

- Dr. B. Leysen
General Practitioner & Researcher
University of Antwerp (UA)    

- Dr. K. Ledeganck    
Researcher & Doctor Assistant
University of Antwerp (UA)    



- Dr. Zul Mirza: 
Dr. Zul Mirza is a consultant in Emergency Medicine at West Middlesex Univeristy Hospital and past president of Emergency Medicine at the Royal Society of Medicine. His specialist areas of interests/research include biomarkers, alcohol, and drugs of abuse, especially cocaine. He has many peer-reviewed publications and has given many international lectures. He has spoken on BBC News, ITV, Sky News and various radio stations. He is also lead and Chair of the Trauma Board of WMUH as well as training programme director for Emergency Medicine Trainees and a member of the London School of Emergency Medicine Academic Committee. Dr. Zul Mirza is a regular guest speaker of the AMSC and we are delighted to have him presenting in Antwerp once again!

- Prof. Dr. Johan Somville
Prof. Dr. Johan Somville is the head of the department of orthopedics in the University Hospital of Antwerp. He is specialized in tumors of the musculoskeletal system. In addition to this, he is a professor in orthopedics and traumatology at the University of Antwerp. He has published many articles and is an experienced lecturer.
For the AMSC 2017 he will give a lecture on the topic of musculoskeletal tumor resections, with footage of one of his own surgeries to demonstrate. 

- Prof. Dr. Stefaan Nijs
Prof. Dr. Stefaan Nijs is the head of the department of traumatology in the University Hospital of Leuven, Belgium. He is a surgeon-traumatologist, specialized in polytrauma, injuries of shoulder, elbow and wrist, injuries of the hand, peripheral nerve injuries and reconstructions and sport injuries.
He is a professor at the University of Leuven and has published many articles in renowned international academic journals and textbooks.
Prof. Dr. Nijs will give a lecture about traumatology and his experience as one of the head physicians treating the victims of the terrorist attack on Brussels Airport in March 2016.