Social program AMSC 2017

The exact practical information (time and place) of all the social activities will be published as soon as possible. 

This is a provisional version of the social program; changes in the social programm can still be made. 

Social program AMSC 2017

1     12/09 Pre-conference City tour

Given as an AMSC tradition, you will be guided through the city by a former professor of the University in a free of charge Tour like no other. Learn the secrets of Antwerp and see the highlights and hotspots. We will finish the day with some drinks in a traditional Belgian café, a perfect opportunity to learn more about your fellow delegates before the start of the conference.

2     13/09 Pub crawl

Starting near the cathedral at the first lovely bar, we will head towards the city hall. Here we will find our second location. Finally, we will end the night at the karaoke bar ‘Bonaparte’. You will also be able to see the hotpots of Antwerp by night while getting to know your fellow participant better. Feeling hungry? Near the bars you can have a snack at our local Frietkoten (Snack bars), visit a cheap Italian restaurant that gives students discounts (Da Giovanni) or the McDonalds.

3     14/09 Dinner

A dinner at the “Groote Witte Arend”, which will be at your own cost. More information on the prices will follow but be sure to bring cash money.

4     15/09 Beer tasting

Belgians are fond of their beers and proud the variety that a few hundred years of brewing has brought with it. At the “Beer central” you can choose from 300+ different special beers. Find it hard to pick one, we are there to help you decide. We will make sure to make a selection of the best beers you must have tasted before leaving Belgium. Of course, non-alcoholic and other beverages are present as well, so don’t hesitate to come along.

5     16/09 Cultural night

The social activities have hopefully given you an insight into the Belgian culture and ways. We would like to give you a chance to represent your own culture in this evening. This can be in the form of music, dance, food or even fun anecdotes (You are free to let your creativity flow). There will be instruments provided, microphone and YouTube connection. We will also have pre-selected tunes to dance to just in case. There will be drinks and a dinner available.

6     17/09 Museum tour

As soon as we have more information on what museum we will visit, we will publish it.
It will probably either be the MAS or RSM.