Antwerp Medical Students' Congress 2018

14-18 september 2018, UZA Belgium


Antwerp Medical Students' Congress 2018
14-18 september 2018, UZA Belgium


AMSC 2018

This, 12th, edition will take place from the 12th to the 16th of September 2018. We will first spend two days sharing all knowledge gathered by research conducted by medical students, using poster and oral presentations. Afterwards, we will enlighten you on the best medicine done in Belgium and Antwerp via several interesting lectures and workshops.



The Antwerp Medical Students' Congress is a project of the European Medical Students Association in Antwerp, Belgium. The AMSC has seen 11 editions . We are aiming all students in the medical field (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, biomedical sciences and nursery) to spread their knowledge with students from across the world.


Stay in Antwerp

Antwerp bustles with culture, art and history. Located next to the river 'De Schelde', it has a harbour that is the third largest in Europe. Also, Antwerp is one of the most famous of Flemish art cities, the home of Rubens and of great architectural, history and business interest. Lastly, it is the most important diamond centre in the world. To conclude, Antwerp is certainly worth visiting!

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About EMSA - Antwerp

We are a project of EMSA vzw. This is the Antwerp department of the European Medical Students' Association - Europe.
This is an international association that enables the contact between medicine students from several countries. 

EMSA Antwerp organises several projects every year, aiming to

- Gather and share knowledge, including knowledge that cannot be described in book
- Bringing medicine and healthcare closer to the people
- Creating a network between medicine students, both from Belgium and on an international level. 

MAS in Anwterp