Program AMSC 2018

Monday 09/09/2019: Pre-conference tour

The AMSC is pleased to once again announce a collaboration with Wouter Vaneerdeweg, to offer a guided walk through Antwerp City as pre-conference tour for the Antwerp Medical Students’ Congress 2019 which runs September 10 – 14. On this, entrance free tour, you will discover the best of Antwerp City and its lesser-known gems together with other participants of the congress and some team members.

More information about time and exact location will follow

Tuesday 10/09/2019: Oral research presentations +  Quiz

08.30-10.00: Registrations + breakfast
10.00-10.15: Opening ceremony 
10.30-12.30: Oral presentations
12.30-13.30: Lunch break
13.30-17.30: Oral presentations

Social program: Quiz

At the oral presentations the selected Active participants will present their scientific research to the other participants.

Wednesday 11/09/2019: Poster research presentations + award ceremony + pub crawl

08.00-09.00: Registrations + breakfast
09.00-12.30: Poster presentations
12.30-13.30: Lunch break
13.30-15.30: Poster presentations
15.30-16.00: Jury break
16.00-16.30: Award ceremony

Social program: Pubcrawl

At the poster presentations, selected active participants will present their scientific work to us in the format of posters

What is better than seeing Antwerp by night, while enjoying a drink with your newly made friends? Nothing. Our experience party team will guide you to a few of the best pubs in town. 

Thursday 12/09/2019: Lectures and workshops +dinner 

08.00-09.00: Registrations + breakfast
09.00-10.30: Lecture 1: Pre-hospital care
                       by Mr. Genbrugge, Expert for the Flemish government
10.30-10.45: Break
10.45-12.15: Lecture 2: (under debate to find the best match)
12.15-13.15: Lunch break
13.15-13.30: Assignment of workshop groups
13.30-17.00: Workshop Neonatology 

Social program: Dinner

A dinner at the Groote Witte Arend is a perfect addition to our social program. It is an opportunity to enjoy some typical dishes of the Belgian cuisine. 

Friday 13/09/2019: Lectures and workshops + beer tasting

08.00-09.00: Registrations + breakfast
09.30-10.30: Lecture 3: Digital healthcare 
                       By partner congres GDA 
10.30-11.00: Break
11.00-12.15: Lecture 4: Alzheimer disease biomarkers: implications for diagnosis and treatment
                     By Prof. Dr. Engelborghs University of Antwerp & ZNA hospitals
12.15-13.15: Lunch break
13.15-13.30: Assignment of workshop groups
13.30-17.00: Workshop Da vinci/ Laparoscopy/ Burn wounds

Social program: Beer tasting

Beers are a Belgian Specialty. Bier Central, a pub in the city centre, offers a selection of over 300 kinds of beers. Make sure to try a few before you leave our beautiful country!

Workshop 1: Treatment of burn wounds. Don’t miss our burn wounds workshop during the 2019 edition of the AMSC! During this 3 hour workshop you’ll learn how to classify burn wounds and also the ins and outs of their treatment! Dr. Rose, whose work has been documented in a well-known Flemish TV show, will be there to show you the ropes. Make sure to subscribe in time since there are only a limited amount of  places available. Registrations open on the 30th of August 12:00 GMT+1.

Workshop 2: Laparoscopy. During this hands-on workshop you’ll learn the intricacies of operating utilizing laparoscopic techniques. Dr. Berzenji will show you how to perform even the most precise movements. You’ll get the knack of it in no time! This workshop is only available for students from other universities than the University of Antwerp.

Workshop 3: Da Vinci robot. Learn how to use one of the most advanced surgical robots available on the market while you’re at the AMSC! Dr. Van Schil will teach you how to operate using this fine piece of technology. 

Saturday 14/09/2019: Lectures + closing ceremony + MAS + Final drinks

09.00-10.00: Registrations + breakfast
10.00-11.30: Lecture 5: Deep Brain Stimulation in psychiatric and motor patients.
                      By Prof. Dr. Visser Vandewalle Head of functional Neurosurgery Uniklinik Keulen
11.30-11.45: Break
11.45-12.45: Lecture 6: 5 revolutions in burn wound care
                      By Dr. Geeroms, Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, burn wound expertise center
12.45-13.00: Closing ceremony
13.00-14.30: Reception

Social program: MAS-museum trip

To close off this week, we arranged a visit to the Museum Aan de Stroom. Placed on the shores of Antwerp's Schelde river, this Museum has a wonderful view. It has changing expositions on a variety of subjects. All information on the current exposition can be found here