Program AMSC 2018

10/09: Pre-conference tour (social program)

11/09: Oral presentations  
           Bubble football (social program)

12/09: Poster presentations and award ceremony research competition
            Pub crawl (social program)

13/09: Lectures and workshops
           Dinner (social program)

14/09: Lectures and workshops 
           St. Anna beach (social program)

15/09: Lectures and closing ceremony
            Social program

Lecturers of the AMSC 2018:

Damya Laoui (13/09)  is a researcher at the VUB (Brussels) and works in the Myeloid Cell Immunology Laboratory.   Immunotherapy is the next big thing in the field of cancer treatment and Miss Laoui is a part of it by exploring the possibilities of developing vaccines in the battle against cancer. She specifically researches the influence of dendritic cells on tumors. Her work has not been tested on humans yet, but it is very promising. Last year she was named as one of the 35 innovators under the age of 35 by MIT Technology Review.

Prof. dr. Han Brunner (14/09) is professor in clinical genetics at the Radbound university of Nijmegen and  the university of Maastricht. He is also head of the clinical genetics department of the Maastricht University Medical Center. Dr Brunner has focused his work on mental disabilities and congenital diseases. Furthermore, he was one of the pioneers in the discovery of certain pathogenic genes and genomic technologies. 

Dr. Osama M. Odat (15/09) is an Orthopedic Resident Surgeon at the Prince Hamza Hospital in Amman, Jordan and is the founder of the Developmental Dysplasia of The Hip Organization and an ATLS instructor at the American College of Surgeons.

He will broaden our horizons with a lecture on Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) which is one of the most common pediatric diseases. During the lecture students will discover the basics of the disease, the diagnostic process and early treatment plans. 

Dr. Osama will also give a workshop centered around Trauma Evaluation and Management (TEAM). His workshop’s ultimate goal is to familiarize students with the fundamental concepts of TEAM, all while paying special attention to the “Golden Hour” concept - the first hour after which the patient’s survival chances decrease drastically due to lack of adequate medical care.