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We are a project of EMSA vzw, the Antwerp department of the European Medical Students' Association.
All information entered above is stored in the AMSC website’s secure database and is only available to relevant AMSC and EMSA members. This personal data will be deleted after a period of five years. If you wish these data to be deleted earlier, please contact Nonetheless, destruction of this data or incomplete completion of the form can have consequences for your participation in the AMSC congress, the possibility to contact you and more.
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The AMSC organizing committee cannot be held accountable for any injuries, loss or damage of properties acquired during the event. AMSC keeps the right to cancel the event or a part of it due to unforeseen circumstances. All participants will be notified in time and reimbursed in case of a full cancellation. Travel and accommodation costs will never be reimbursed by the AMSC.